Friday, October 19, 2007

So viele Milchprodukte!

Germany might be lacking in some things, but dairy products isn´t one of them; there's really an astounding variety. The other day, the grocery store was out of or probably just hadn´t stocked the organic yogurt section, so I decided to just get drinking yogurt. This morning when I poured it over my Müsli, I was shocked at how watery it was. I shook it, thinking it must have separated, but that didn´t help. Then,I read the label and then had to look up Molke: whey. Today I had Müsli with orange-passionfruit-flavored whey for breakfast. I won´t buy it again, it was like watery, sweet skim milk. It is amusing, though, that the Germans are willing to pay for what Americans only accept as government cheese. I think government cheese might be better, though....

There's also a very wide and extremely fun selection of yogurt flavors. I´ve already sung the praises of hazelnut yogurt, but I didn´t tell you that there are seasonal flavors. In summer we had lemon-mint and I just bought ginger-pear! Seriously, I don´t think I´ve had the same flavor more than once or twice in the past 8 months.

On a non-dairy note, I stumbled upon Goldsaft (sugar beet syrup) in the grocery store recently. I know it´s just an Eastern European version of corn syrup, but it´s exotic to me. And best of all, it is a perfect substitute for molasses, which is hard to come by in these parts. I made baked beans and "molasses" cookies this week and I dare you to tell the difference!


Diana Pittet said...

Do you think that if you mixed some cheese curds with your Molke, you'd end up with orange-passion fruit-flavored cheese? Might go nicely with your date paste. : ) What flavor of yogurt do you think will be "in season" in early March? Can't wait to find out!

Anonymous said...

they have trinkjogurt, which is thicker. strangly, i find that the plain white (organic, "stichfest") yogurt here gets thin if you don't finish it within about 3 days. i wonder why.... as far as flavors, my shouts go out to söbbeke nuss and söbbeke zitrone. i've used the latter as the base for a nice salad dressing.