Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Es ist kein affiges Hochzeitsblog

This is no fluffy wedding blog (with page-long debates as to the pros and cons of mint and geranium vs. sunshine and moonglow as wedding colors or whine about why my bridesmaids don't like the dresses I decided they should like), but...planning this shindig here in the Fatherland has led to some fun discoveries, like....

1. The Wholesale Flower Market! I always meant to check out the NYC version, but never got around it (read: got up early enough to do it). 8 AM was plenty early for a Saturday morning, which is my excuse for forgetting my camera, but I can share a picture of the sample I brought home. Anemones are almost as nice as poppies, no?!Ok, the picture is bad. My apartment gets terrible light. You'll have to trust me: they were lovely.

2. The extreme cuteness of miniature Weck jars. The big ones are cool, it's true, but you have no idea how cute the tiny ones are. Making little jars of jam to serve as favors and table number assignments is my one real Martha Stewart project for the wedding. I have to admit, it seemed like a better idea back before I was in the middle of it. Maybe Spring will finally manage to arrive and I can fill the last 40 or so jars with some nice rhubarb jam. I think I should try to squeeze in some orange marmalade though, seeing as winter is lingering (and the RSVPs keep on coming (note to those desiring a small wedding: avoid marrying the gregarious types who are exceedingly good at keeping in touch with friends)).

3. And most excitingly....we have finally found a caterer who doesn't think (a) mozzarella and tomato (regardless of the season or the quality of the cheese or tomaotes) is the be all and end all, (b) quark and tsatsiki are requirements for any and all sorts of grilled meats, or (c) sauerkraut beds have a place at weddings. Ick. My caterer understands that there is not one recipe for coleslaw. And I didn't even have to explain it to him. He actually thinks about food, doesn't just make sauerkraut because there will be pork. And he complemented mein Mann (seriously) on his really ugly Republican-Hippie sweater (my opinion, clearly others like it). It was a happy day for one and all.....

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