Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentinstagschenken aus einem Karton

Lest you think I had forgotten, heart-shaped food is still my favorite part of Valentine's Day. I managed to score a box of avocados while working my latest random job: making finger food for a Dutch fruit-importing company during the recent Fruit Logistica trade show. (Oddly enough, they did not want any fruit in the finger food???) If you've ever been to a big trade show, you're familiar with the stands that the presenters set up to show case their wares. The Dutch fruit importers build a little kitchen of sorts (no stove or oven...) in the back of their stand. This was basically a box without a top in the middle of a giant room without any windows. I spent three days in said box constantly shooing the hostesses (these girls in tiny dresses who make espressos and giggle at the offensive comments made by fruit (or other) business men are a way-outdated trend that needs to be retired) out of my way. Anyway, Dutch fruit importers pay really well, as it turns out, so it was well worth it, though I wasn't too sad when the job ended and I could come out of the box. Anyway, by the time I had a chance to make the rounds, most of the fruit that was up for grabs had been distributed (they do sell fruit here, but it's so much more fun to score things for free), but I did manage to snag a bunch of American pears (the American pear people had a poster of Obama in their stand and I saw one group of fruit people taking their picture with it...heehee) and a box of avocados, which we enjoyed in a variety of preparations (I've discovered that the big Turkish grocery store near us sells very decent, almost Sonoran-style flour torillas (who knew?) so quesadillas and burritos were on the menu). The most picturesque, however, was our Valentine's Day breakfast: heart-shaped avocado on a roll pretending to be a bagel with cream cheese and lox.

Now we're are off to Vienna for a long weekend. Alas, mein Mann, has to work for two of those days, but I intend to devote my attention to the strudel, Tafelspitz, schnitzel, and other delights (maybe a museum or two, as well)!


Vanessa said...

Hello, I've just found your blog and really like it a lot. Your have a great writing style and I warm to your take on life in Berlin. Have a wonderful time in Vienna, hopefully with Sachertorte and lots of other nice cakes. Sigh, I wish I could return there soon.

Anonymous said...


I'm an American living in Berlin for ~ 6months now (short one-year stay) and since you seem to be a cooking professional (and very entertaining blogger), I have a cooking question.

Last night, I made brownies to take over to a friend's house for dinner. I've never made brownies before (probably broke some rule about serving things that you've never tried before), not really a chocolate person, but they seemed easy to do in my sub-standard kitchen.

We were out of sugar, so sent my mann off for that and he returned with "puder zucker"! So, I used brown sugar instead (different from American brown sugar, that's another question).

Anyway, the "brownie" turned out like chocolate sludge...My guess is that I don't know the German equivalent for "all-purpose flour". I used 405, is this right? Should I be using some other number?