Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ich bin Kuchen

One thing that tickles me about German is that the word for cake (Kuchen) is (at least to my ears) a bit too similar to the word for female cook (Köchin). So, sometimes when someone asks me what I do, it sounds (to them) like I'm saying: I'm a cake....amusingly reminiscent of JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner"/"I am a jelly doughnut," no?

Anyway, I am a Köchin and today my tiny, no longer entirely imaginary, catering/private chef company made it's big debut. Not such a big debut, but lunch for 15 is enough for now, especially when you have to schlep everything from here to there. The event inspired a fair about of stress and there are about a million things I would do differently (including remembering to take pictures of my food for your viewing pleasure -- sorry! My beet salad really was picturesque...), but all in all, I guess it was not a total failure and nobody has called in with food poisoning yet, which is always good. I feel kind of like I gave birth today and am now unable to move or really think (though this may also have something to do with a 45km bike ride on Sunday after not having been on a bike in 15 years....). Anyway, during the job, two people wandered into the kitchen (which was in an office building) ooooh-ed and ahhh-ed and then asked for my contact info....and the job ended with the client asking me to do more cooking for her next week, so I can live with that. Sorry, enthusiasm has never been my strong suit. Now I just need to sleep for about 48 hours....then I can eat my weight in sauteed leeks, of which there are many leftover (it was a galette filling).

And on a totally unBerlin-related note: can we actually be expected to vote for someone with a Celine Dion song for her campaign song???!!! I mean, not only does she just really suck, but she's Canadian for fuck's sake. Joder (sorry, couldn't leave that one in Spain).


Diana Pittet said...

Congrats on the birth of your first successful catering gig! Have you sufficiently recovered to wolf down all those sauteed leeks?

I know! Celine Dion? And it's not even a song; it's an advertising jingle for AirCanada. I bet Canada is celebrating. They often feel like our unfortunate North American cousin, but boy did they get us good this time! (BTW, did you know that Montreal, the province fair Celine Dion hails from, is, by strict definition, part of Latin America? I bet you didn't study Canada for your degree in Latin American Studies!)

I'll be sure to eat not only an ear of fresh corn for you, but also a cone from Mr. Softee.

Salley said...

Aww man. I've missed so many of your entries. I need to set up some sort of automatic feed so when I am alerted when there is a new entry. How do you do that?

Anyway, congrats of the debut of the catering company! I can't wait to hear more stories.

Anonymous said...

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allison said...

what's with this widget post? is your blog being spammed? (none of those words existed a few years ago.)