Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rinderbrust und Verkaufsfrau

An interesting measure of my German progress is my improved ability to ask questions of strangers. Twice recently I had conversations who I had tried to speak to a while back (emphasis on tried) and it's wierd/amusing to have such a measure. In any case, the ladies at the butcher still think I am a brisket-obsessed wierdo (you may recall my desperate attempts to make a brisket for Passover) because I just made one for the Hollywoods. This was a source of much stress as they told me Rinderbrust (brisket according to my dictionaries) comes on the bone and in sizes as small as one pound, which didn't seem like the brisket that I know...plus the fact that the Hollywoods are so very fussy yet totally unable to communicate what kind of foods they like or are allergic to until I have already made things they do not like or are allergic to. Anyway, there were more than a few brisket-related nights without sleep, but now, for better or worse, it is behind me.

In other news, Other Bekah has arrived and we are seeing the sights and having a little gastronomic tour of the few vegetarian delights that German cuisine has to offer. Last night we made some very tasty Spätzle (full disclosure: we didn't make the Spätzle ourselves) with Alpine cheese. Alas, no picture again, but I will try to do better....Stay tuned for more news on non-porcine German food...and for my sum up of the German wedding (Saturday will be our third this summer)!


Bekah said...

German vegetarian food was great! or Becca did a good job finding the highlights for me... I have some photos (or will shortly) so I will do my best to pass them on soon.. Enjoy the hiking!

Diana Pittet said...

So, Becca, you now know where to take me when I come to town, whenever that may be! When you're next in NYC, we'll have to go to Prune again. Anthony Bordain profiled the restaurant glowingly in his Travel Channel show, "No Reservations," just last night He says Gabrielle Hamilton is a chef's chef. In the same show he also went to a great Egyptian kebab restaurant in Astoria that I've been too. There goes the neighborhood!